The accreditation system

The accreditation system has been used by the Federation for several decades. Its aim is to facilitate both the work and access of all of the professionals who take part in fashion shows and to ensure compliance with the intellectual property rights of the fashion houses and the various participants in the shows.

The system requires a press accreditation application signed by the head of each media organization that identifies the journalists and photographers whom the Federation is asked to accredit. This document also reminds photographers of applicable legislation, particularly concerning the release of fashion pictures.

Based on these applications, the Federation prepares a press list, which is sent to all of the houses presenting collections during fashion shows. 

It is on the basis of this press list that the fashion houses prepare their guest lists.

Fashion shows are not open to the public. They are private events reserved in priority for professionals who report on them within the time limits fixed in the accreditation application and respect the design houses’ intellectual property rights. 

Only those holding an invitation from the houses may attend the shows.

The design houses have given the Federation authority for overseeing compliance with the accreditation system.


News agencies

Only those news agencies on the official list drawn up in accordance with the French Government Order of 2 November 1945 may submit applications and be accredited.


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